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The FDA Calendar

Many web sites are offering free FDA calendars including Penny Stocks Picks Us. They clearly state that the information contained in the calendar are not official FDA dates and so the information can not be exact, although it is a result of thorough research carried out by experts and by trawling data such as press releases, government notices and Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) filings.

The dates for FDA announcements about their deliberations on the efficiency and safety of new drugs are as close as it is possible to get from the information in the public domain. However these calendars are not authorized by the FDA and so are not official. Decisions and publications of FDA findings may be delayed for a number of reasons, but the traders who run web sites designed to help people function in the stock markets will advise clients that there are delays as soon as they become aware of them.

The FDA Calendar is extremely useful for anyone who wants to invest in the Bio-Tech markets, as some of the new drugs awaiting approval come from small companies, in the penny stocks market. If you are aware of these and the pending decision, you may want to seek the advice of a broker as to whether you should buy stocks and when as sometimes there is a surge in buying and prices for the first hour of trading and then the prices may drop before rising again. You will need the advice of an expert as to when is best to buy. Of course, no one, including an expert is infallible, so you choose whether to take an expert's advice or whether to go with your gut reaction.

There are many web sites which will offer you advice on what stocks to buy and when, so how do you know which are reputable? Those who admit that the calendar is not official and may not be the answer to all your prayers are the ones you can most likely trust. At least in this respect they are honest. Beware of web sites which do not tell you that the dates on the calendar are not official and may be liable to change.

If you are interested in buying stocks in the Bio-Tech industry then you should take the FDA calendar into consideration as its decisions can mean that stocks of a company will rise or fall. Their decisions really are that far-reaching.

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