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Security Certificates – Easy Way to Secure Your Website and Increase Conversion

The internet is a market containing thousands of products and services from all over the world. We have the convenience of finding anything in just seconds through simple typing of words and scanning through matching hits. As internet access became common to every household, E-commerce and online shopping also became a trend. Thus, every internet user can be a potential buyer or customer. However for an online shopper, the first thing that comes to mind upon entering an e-commerce site is the question: "Can I trust this website? … Is there any kind of security certificate?"

Remember, trust and confidence is necessary in making a sale. The advantage of an online business is its accessibility to any customer all over the world 24/7 and its cheaper maintenance and operation. However, one of its disadvantages is that its online presence may leave customers doubtful the legalimacy of the business and the quality of its products for not having to see it personally. Another imposing threat is that customers can be hesitant in giving away personal information in the fear that it will not be safe and disclosed. And also, customers can be cautious in giving away financial information because of the alarming fact that there are vast cases of identity theft and credit card fraud.

The good news is that there's an easy way to eliminate those security threats that will eventually lead to increase conversion rate. To become a better business online means gaining trust and confidence. The harsh reality is that you can lose a potential sale in brief seconds if the customer feels that your website is unsecured and can not be trusted. A proactive way to beat cart abandonment is to show them a mark or evidence that your business has website security.

Secure Sockets Layer technology or SSL protocol was developed to protect transactions of financial and personal information on the internet. As a result, security certificates have become current essential for e-commerce sites because it acts as a visible proof and passport to show that the online business is legitimate and sensitive information is secured from hackers or unauthorized use. Security certificates operate by authentication and encryption. Every browser recognizes SSL certificates and when the client computer requests for the certificate, authentication will take place between the browser and the website. If the website is using a security certificate, a yellow padlock appears on the lower right side of the screen. Overall, using a security certificate is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. It will give the customer a peace of mind that transactions will be safe. On the other hand, the seller will then have an increase in conversion rate (rate of online visitors turning into buyers) – more sales could mean an increase in ROI.

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  1. Secured website surely bring returning visitor as they trust what they see. Informative blog & thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

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