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Is God Ever Going to Help Me Solve My Problems?

When I was younger, I used to pray and ask God for help with my problems and rarely got any answers or solutions that I could say for sure, were the result of my prayers. I do not know if this has ever happened to you, but I know that it has happened to quite a few people that I know.

Is God ever going to help me solve my problems? This question is one that seems to come up in prayers on a daily basis. We have problems with other people during the day and in the evening, right before we go to bed, we say a little prayer to God. Help me with my problem and I will do something for you. It seems like some of us are always making deals with God, with very little results.

I do not really know if God is ever going to help you solve your problems and I really do not know if he ever helped me solve any of my problems. I guess if I was to believe in a mysterious, magical person who lived somewhere in the universe and knew what everyone was doing all of the time, I guess I could easily believe that God solved all of my problems without letting me know.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, I pray to God to help me get along better with someone at work and the next day this person insults me like they normally do. I do not give it much thought and then next night, say the same prayer again and the next day this person continues to insult me.

I can believe that God is sending me some type of message or trying to make me a better person, but he's really not answering my prayers. I'm specifically asking to get along better with this person at work and in some of my prayers I even ask God for a few things that I can do, to get along better with this person.

After saying this prayer for three months and this person continuing to insult me ​​every day, he finally shows me a little kindness and asked me how my day was going. Now you can finally say that your prayers have been answered by God. He finally answered my prayers in this means something good.

So in other words, God may answer your prayer, God may not answer your prayer today but answer them tomorrow or God might not ever answer your prayer, but you continue to believe that your prayers are being answered by God. It does not make a lot of sense, but millions of people believe this.

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