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How to Find Someone's Number Through MSN Search

When most people think of MSN, instant messaging (IM) is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, MSN provides you with so much more than the ability to chat online with your friends, it can also help you track down information you are looking for, whether this information happens to be related to news, entertainment, sports, or finding the phone number of a good friend. Therefore, when looking for someone's number, do not forget about this search site, as it may be the key to your success.

How do you search for a phone number using MSN? Enter the name of the person you would like to lookup in the query box on MSN's main page. Be as specific as possible with the name. Do not simply include their first name, as the results will be overwhelming and useless to you. Instead, narrow you search and use their …

– Full name (first and last name, or fist, middle and last name, or first name, middle initial and surname)

– Last name and first name initial

– First name with maiden and / or married name

If the results that are returned are too vast, there are other ways you can attempt to focus your search, such as:

-Place the name in between quotations marks

– Insert a plus sign between the first and last name so there is no longer a space between the two.

Be sure to try both ideas, as you may achieve different results with each.

What can you do if your search continues to produce empty results? Try other features of MSN to see if they will provide you with any more luck. For instance, try the images, blog, or video search options. You can also access the White Pages through MSN, which may provide assistance. Just remember that regardless of what search you attempt, always try to be as specific and accurate as possible with the details you provide, as the slightest error or missing piece of information can mean the difference between success and failure.

In addition, if you should ever need to search a phone number [http://www.whoownsthisphonenumber.com], MSN can also help you with this investigation.

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