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How The Advances in Wireless Technology Have Totally Changed Our Lives

Wireless technology has traditionally changed our lives. This up and coming method of communication has literally changed the way we live. Many of us can not imagine a day without using a wireless device. In fact, we use them so much, that we barely recognize them as wireless anymore.

Telephone lines were originally designed to send news reports. Ever heard of getting something over the wire? Journalists still refer to their Associated Press reports as coming over the AP wire, although they most likely travel through the air like all other pieces of information. The invention of the radio destroyed the idea of ​​news sent over a wire. In fact, it completely destroyed the concept of the telegraph and eventually the landline telephone.

Computer networking works in a similar manner. Who would choose an immobile stationary system over a wireless one? Why would you choose to actually be chained to a desk when you could move freely about, accessing the internet and other files on a network from the comfort of a couch, a recliner, or a coffee shop. Additionally, while many believe that wireless costs more, this price too is going down, and soon anyone will be able to afford a wireless connection.

WiMAX, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is steadily making its way into the wireless market. Its biggest advantage advantage lies in the distance that it spans. Instead of a wireless connection reaching a few meters, it will reach kilometers. Currently some of the strongest WiMAX network reach over 30 miles. It literally spans the length of metropolitan areas, and then with WiMax, you'll no longer have to search for hot spot sign. Check out wimax.weblongsinc.com for more information about this up and coming form of wireless technology.

Bluetooth has become a mysterious wireless term to non-geeks, but its quickly becoming a household word thanks to its technology in cellular phones. Bluetooth is basically a way to connect hardware. The hope is that instead of seeing a mass of cords behind your television, you'll just have the necessary blue tooth hardware, a wireless connection that connects your DVD player to your television. Everyone hates those mass of wires, or any mass of wires that threaten to ruin the aesthetics of a room, and Bluetooth has the potential to improve the look of just about any system.

Sometimes wireless technology will make life simpler. We'll be able to do things in places that we never imagined before. After all, who would think that you could contact a person from across the globe while sitting in a cafe across town, with no cost to either of you. Grandparents in California can talk to their grandkids in Florida while soaking in the rays on the beach. I predict that not only will wireless make life simpler in the future, but that we'll function with it so smoothly, that we will not even notice the wireless technology.

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