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Greenland, Light Saving Time

To follow the time-standard in Europe, for some years in Greenland we have had light saving time every summer. The main reason is to follow the time in Europe.

The time in Greenland is 4 hours later than European time. That means when it is 12 oclock in Europe, in Greenland it is 8 oclock in the morning.
This means that every day there is only 4 business-hours, when offices are open both in Europe and in Greenland.
If Greenland did not follow Europe, then when Europe lifts to summertime, we would only have 3 business-hours together, which would be bad, as Greenland has a close relationship to Denmark.
Well, In Greenland not much light is saved by changing the time: In wintertime it is dark all day long, so You have to have the electric light on all the time.

In summertime it is bright light all night, so You do not need electric light at all. The question of light saving has only reason for a short time in the spring and in the fall. But Our community has big confusion every time the clock is to be adjusted, and in addition there is always confusion and extra expenses on services which are manned all night, such as hospitals, radio-stations and others.

My suggestion is, as the question of time is unimportant, that in Greenland we maintain light saving time (summertime) all year.
This would give the extra advantage, that in wintertime there would not be only 4 hours but 5 hours business-time together with Europe.

Source by Gerda Vilholm

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