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Follicular Unit Transplantation Versus Follicular Unit Extraction

Although hair loss is not a debilitating disease, it still is a serious matter to a lot of people. Some may consider it as merely an aesthetic problem but there are instances where hair loss brings about negative impacts on a person's psychological well being. It affects how people see themselves and how they interact with others socially or in the work place.

As more and more people are afflicted by this condition, there have also been increasing developments in hair loss treatments. Oral and topical medications have been the standard for the past several years but these continue to pose problems such as allergic reactions, especially among women. Other methods, such as the wearing of wigs and toupees are no longer considered satisfactory since these options do not render a natural look, defeating the purpose of effectively hiding the condition.

Two of the most recent advances in hair loss treatment are the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). These treatment methods are more likely appealing to hair loss sufferers for a number of reasons. Compared to earlier hair loss transplant procedures, FUT and FUE offer significant advantages in terms of pain reduction, recovery time and desirable results. Also, these methods are not as restrictive. Eligibility requirements such as hair thickness, skin type and age are not much of a problem. Anyone can go through the procedure for as long as there are not any pre-existing medical conditions that may conflict with it.

At first glance, it is easy to confuse the two methods. Often, they are categorized under hair transplantation methods but it is important to note their differences to determine the right course of treatment for you.

Both methods target the follicular units, or small clumps of hair that are joined together but the manner within which these clumps are taken out are quite different. FUT, also called the strip method, involves making an incision on the harvest area to obtain a strip of hair. With follicular unit extraction, on the other hand, the surgeon "punches" the harvest area and takes out follicle units one at a time.

Compared to the FUT procedure, this yields small, circular scars. Suppliers of the FUE method argument that the amount of scarring is significantly less visible than the linear scar left by FUT. Under the FUT procedure, the wound is stitched or stapled while in FUE, the patient usually waits for the holes to heal by themselves. The follicular unit extraction method is less painful and the healing process goes about more quickly.

But while this procedure is less painful, it is also more expensive. People with budgetary considerations can choose to go for the FUT as it offers more competitive pricing.

Another advantage of FUT over FUE is the quality of results. Some doctors prefer using the strip method as this yields better quality hair follicles. There is a lesser likelihood of damage, therefore the chances of hair growing back also increases. This helps patients achieve the natural look that they desire. Both procedures do offer substantively attractive results and the choice you make really depends on your preferences.

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