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Early Stages of Male Pattern Balding

In their teens, most men have a thick head of hair. By their early twenties, however, a good portion of men started to develop concerns about the appearance of their hair. At what point should a man become concerned? To start, it is important to remember that the hair on your head is progressing through its own natural cycle just as much as your height and muscle development. Some babies are born with thick black hair that turns to blond. Most blonds naturally darken into brunettes by adulthood. The head of hair that you had in high school was simply not the finished product. Even if you do not experience issues with thinning locks, your hair pattern will change into what is called a "mature hairline." Your mature hairline will likely be higher at the sides than in the middle, and although this is often referred to as a "receding" hairline, I think that "mature" is a more appropriate term-helping us to see this change as a natural progress and allowing us to avoid jumping to the conclusion that utter baldness is imminent! (You do not want to be "immature" do you? See-it's all in the mind-set!)

However, for some men, there are other concerns beyond the maturing hairline. Noticing an increase in the natural cycle of shedding is often a cause for alarm. If you notice this symptom and are becoming concerned, I would recommend seeing a hair loss specialist who can perform a baseline measurement of your hair thickness. This procedure-often called scalp mapping for miniaturization-will give you a quantitative measure of any thinning. Do not spend all your time staring in the mirror, guessing whether you see a difference. Your hair will have lost 60% of its diameter by the time a change is noticeable. This testing will prove whether or not your hair is really miniaturizing. If it is, then you'll have the option to begin prescription medication immediately. Studies show that hair loss medication is most effective at PREVENTING further miniaturization, rather than at re-growing hair. In simple terms, it is easier to keep your tresses thicker than to try and reverse essential hair loss.

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