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Did not Join The DVR Revolution? Find Out What You're Missing!

Are you tired of missing your favorite TV shows? Does your wife's favorite show come on at the same time your football game is on?

If this is you, then a Digital Video Recorder or DVR as it's more commonly called could could make your new best friend, especially if you are still trying to figure out how to set the timer to record a TV show on a VCR or DVD recorder. Just in case you do not know what a DVR is, in the simplest terms, a DVR is an amazingly easy to use, programmable digital recording device that allows you to record your favorite television shows on a computer-like hard disc. When it starts to get full, you can delete them and record new ones, no VHS tapes or DVD-Rs to buy or store. A DVR hard disc can also hold much more than VHS or DVDs, up to 300 hours!

Many people know DVR technology by its more common brand name TiVo. However, TiVo is no longer the leader in DVR sales. Many cable and satellite companies now offer TiVO like DVRs to consumers at a steep discount. Cable TV customers can choose to rent the DVR equipment as well as get the required DVR programming for less than sixteen dollars per month. DVRs from cable companies usually store around 90 hours of standard TV shows and up to 20 hours of High Definition. A lot of cable TV and satellite television companies are offering either the equipment for free, free upgrades to DVR equipment with more storage and features, or the DVR service for a discounted rate, so be sure to check around to get the best deal!

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