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Dating Advice For Women Who Are Picky

The dating game can be a tricky one if you do not have a good plan. Today, women have to carefully choose the man they are going to date. In this article I'm going to share some time dating advice for women who are picky like me.

I'm sure that you've had another family member or friend fix you up on a date and it was a nightmare. I know what that's like, because I've been there and it's almost a decision out of complete desperation. There is nothing worse than talking to a potential partner over the phone and you just do not feel that spark or maybe you met someone at Starbucks, but there was no real connection.

Blind dates almost never end well and your expectations are never met. If you have a person fixing you up with someone they think is going to be good for you, you may be asking for trouble. Keep in mind, that they are choosing a person based on what they think you might like and not on the reality of what you do like.

Even though your friends and family may have the best intentions, you really need to find someone on your own and then let your family and friends be the judge later. What are other women doing to meet men that are compatible with and have a strong connection? I'm very sure that many women brave up on the blind dating game and intelligently took matters into their own hands.

In order for you to be successful and possibly meet the man of your dreams, you will need to jump into the technological revolution. Today, we are isolated at our jobs and may spend a great deal of our time driving around in our stylish vehicles. We all have a dependency on computers, cell phones and any other tech gadgets available today.

The good news is, you can take control of your destiny and take action today! It's time for you to start thinking a new way and trying out new directions. One of the things we do as women is, we make ourselves believe that we are always available to our knights in shining armor. The most important dating advice I can give you is to look at your attitude.

In the dating game of life and the online world, your attitude is everything. Practice looking at what you can do, instead of what you can not do and your opportunities will begin to appear. Let's face it, dating today is a challenge and meeting people is not as simple as going to a bar, but takes some creativity and trying out new methods. You will be wise to spend time looking up motivational quotes online that will turn your negative thinking, into positive thinking.

As women, we have allowed ourselves to be programmed into a mindset, where we believe it's to challenging to find the right guy. The more you believe that and the more you think it, the more your reality turns into your own creative nightmare. I hope that this article will wake you up and help you to see, that your current way of thinking needs to be changed and a new way of thinking needs to happen.

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