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4 Substantial Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed

More and more businesses are marketing their firm through blog. Blog marketing is now considered to be the most powerful tool to advertise your business online. Blogs have been the most trusted media resource for online users. Being in business of blogs and becoming popular is a challenging task. If you wish to make your blog broadly popular and have it read by people beyond your family and friends, you will need to work on ways to get your blog notified. Here I will show you 5 most effective ways to achieve it.

1. First Thing First – Content is King:

To make your blog broadly popular you need to post topics of general interest. Do not be to general with your content, there are millions of blogs and news sites available to post general news. So you need to post interesting contents that can attract wide group of people. Remember content is the king. Even if you have a good looking blog in the whole world, but the content does not entertain your readers, they will not come back to read your blog. Choose contents wisely and post them.

2. Let Search Engines Notice Your New Post:

One of the best ways to let people notice your blog, is by first letting search engines notice your blog. Once your blog is quite popular, you will not need to worry for this step then, people will automatically follow you. But now it is the most important of all. So when you post a new blog post, ping it. There are many free ping services available online. One of the most famous is pingomatic.com. This lets major search engines know that a new post has been submitted. Also bookmark each and every post of your blog into Social Bookmarking websites. Blogs from social bookmarking websites are easily picked up by search engines.

3. Increase Number of Linkbacks:

The more the backlinks your blog has the better it is for it to rank higher. Put your blog URL into your email signature, forum signature, newsletters etc. Put a link to your blog in every page of your website. You can even ask for link exchange to many blog owners who blog in same category. This will not only benefit you with search engines, but it will also increase the visibility of your blogs. More people will have access to your blog.

4. Build Personal Relationship With Your Readers:

One of the major factors why most people fail in blogging is because they fail to build a relationship with their readers. There are many blogs which get thousands of visits a month, but are not popular. Do not only concentrate in making a post and popularize it. Give personal attention to your visitors. Ask them to give you feedback, ask them to post useful comments on your blog post. And when the feedback or make comments, respond them with honor. Many readers may ask question or request for some information, provide them with all that you know. If you have no idea over it, redirect them to a resource available online.

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